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Jewellery Care


We encourage all of our customers to take good care of their HANREJ jewellery. 

All of our pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver and further coated with an extra anti-tarnish and Silver- or Gold Plating. 

To ensure the best care for your HANREJ pieces, we suggest that you: 

  • Always take your jewellery off when you sleep.
  • Avoid washing your hands with jewellery on, as well as taking it off when doing physical activity, cleaning etc.
  • Put your jewellery back into their packaging whenever not worn. 
  • Polish them with our jewellery polishing cloth or any other polishing cloth available at your local goldsmith. All silver jewellery will oxidate with time. It’s a natural process, but these steps will help to prevent it. 

Durability of Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold Plated means that a piece of sterling silver jewellery has an extra layer of Gold placed on top of it. It is not possible to estimate an exact period of time the Gold Plated jewellery will last. The durability depends of course on how much you will wear the piece of jewellery, where it sits on your body and how active you are while wearing the jewellery.

Our necklace and earrings will mostly last longer than our finger rings. The reason is that finger rings is more exposed to more wear, which is why you can expect the gold platin to wear off faster in some areas.

If you follow our Jewellery Care recommendations, your pieces will last and stay in good shape.

We strive to provide our customers with high quality jewellery. 
However, if you feel that your coating has worn off too quickly or you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to contact us.