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The origin 

HANREJ is a Danish brand with its main focus on jewellery & accessories. 

The word originates from German hahnrei, which is a castrated rooster.

HANREJ is a universe, wishing to cultivate the free, self-assured and nuanced human being, blossoming in our modern society. 

Fundamentally inspired by human authenticity, the visual identity is centered around a humorous, ironic and genuine view on these authentic human personalities.

HANREJ jewellery knows no gender and the complementing universe is original, entertaining and emotionally evocative. 



To us, HANREJ intuitively is a promise of quality. Our jewellery is produced solely from solid 925 sterling silver coated with 5 additional layers of sterling silver. 

As a result, our products appear brighter and more glowing – and for a much longer period than traditional jewellery. 

Our gold products are either solid 24 karat gold (made to order) or solid sterling silver coated with 10 layers of 24 karat gold – going above the jewellery standards.



Caring for the planet and its communities comes naturally to HANREJ. Our jewellery is produced in a sustainable fashion with minimal waste. All silver and gold is 100% recycled. 

Our production is verified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. This ensures that our activities are compliant with human rights, proper working conditions & and a fair supply chain.