Signet Ring

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This is our Signet Ring in 925 Sterling Silver.

Coated with an additional 5-mu layer of 925 Sterling Silver. A quality that will last.

The perfect balance between its wavy surface and smooth sides, makes this ring a very modern and characteristic take on a classic ring.

The surface plate of the ring has a diameter of 16 mm and on the back you will find a HANREJ engraving.

It comes in 5 US sizes:

US 6.5 = 52.5 mm 

US 7.5 = 55.25 mm 
US 8.5 = 57.5 mm
US 9.5 = 60.25 mm 
US 10.5 = 63.5 mm 

Silver ring
Signet Ring
Signet Ring
Signet Ring